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Air Dryer

Avoid Brake Failure with Superior Filtration

Our air dryers provide protection by removing water and oil vapor before reaching the air tank and valves.

CYU AUTO Air Dryers for a Reason!

1,000 liters of clean, dry compressed air per minute is needed to operate your equipment’s brake and suspension systems. If the air drying and cleaning system is not maintained correctly, there is a serious risk of damage to braking and suspension components from water and oil contamination.

CYU AUTO air dryers provide high levels of vehicle protection by removing water, oil vapor, and other contaminants before it can reach the air tank and valves. This prevents equipment corrosion or freeze-up during the winter and extends the life of air valves.


Air brake systems


Water and oil vapor filtration for disk brakes and suspension systems

Removing contaminants before they can reach the air tank and valves


Elements available with drying performance, oil separation efficiency, and aerosol separation efficiency